Migrate printers to new server

If you move printers from one server to another the users needs to reconnect all printers…

And… of course it’s easy to do with a small Powershell script. 🙂

Function Migrate-Printer {
    PARAM (
        [string] $ShareName,
        [string] $oldServer,
        [string] $newServer

    $currentPrinter = Get-WmiObject -Query "SELECT * FROM Win32_Printer WHERE Network=True AND ShareName = '$($ShareName)' AND SystemName = '\\$($oldServer)'"

    if ($currentPrinter -eq $null) {
        Write-Verbose "Cant find \$($oldServer)$($ShareName)"
    } else {
        Write-Verbose "Migrating printer $($ShareName) from $($oldServer) to $($newServer)"

        $net = New-Object -com WScript.Network

        Write-Verbose "Adding printer \$($newServer)$($ShareName)"

        Write-Verbose "Removing printer \$($newServer)$($ShareName)"

        if ($currentPrinter.Default -eq "True") {
            Write-Verbose "Setting default to \$($newServer)$($ShareName)"


Example usage

Migrate-Printer -ShareName "PRINTER001" -oldServer "OLDSERVER" -newServer "NEWSERVER"